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The image above explains itself: it’s the creative process behind a comic panel. From digital color to storyboard, from the end to the beginning, a sneakpeek of a personal project I’ll never finish.




Is this the beginning of something? Nope, it’s just the end. A little comeback to the “love and death” atmosphere I tried several times to draw when I was a struggled teenager. To make this cocktail of feelings you need to be a teenager, no friends, no girlfriend (of course), few drops (or more) of Tim Burton and shake it along with Guybrush Threepwood’s ginger beer surrounded by a dark room where the only light come from an old Amiga 500 screen aaaand.. you’re served! Anyway, afterlife seems like hell to our little zombie here, waiting for his beloved wife. ‘Until death do us part” remember? Burocracy.



This is a personal project just for the fun of it. I’m trying to force myself to not draw every single detail but the more incisive, that it’s so much fun and more communicative. Here’s a step-by-step picture that explain the whole process. There’s no drawing or sketching, I just let those random grey shapes to tell me what to do, so this is the reason why is quite a non-sense illustration. Seems like a fat Ryu from the Street Fighter videogame caught with his hand in the cookie jar!


la voce della terra

Ciao a tutti! In attesa di ulteriori aggiornamenti suigli ultimi lavori, sono qui a presentarvi un progetto che mi ha tenuto impegnato negli ultimi mesi del 2013. Si tratta della mini-serie a fumetti “Nelle Terre dei Gal”, 6 numeri sceneggiati dall’ottimo Francesco Matteuzzi in compagnia Elisabetta Brusa che ha visto alle matite, oltre a me, anche gli amici e colleghi Isacco Saccoman, Carlo Piu, Antonio Menin, Federico Vicentini e Andrea Rossetto. Ai colori di copertina Stefania Miola. Supervisione di Francesco Frosi e Stefano Tamiazzo della Scuola Internazionale di Comics di Padova. L’immagine qui sopra illustra brevemente il processo di creazione di tavola 11 del numero 5 “La voce della terra”: storyboard, matite e chine. Qui potete scaricare l’intera serie in formato digitale. Le storie sono disponibili anche in formato cartaceo!


Clicca qui per accedere alla pagina del GAL Patavino dedicato al progetto e scaricare l’intera serie!


Buona Lettura!



“this is battery acid you slime!”: this is what Eddie said, according to the original version of “IT”, the screenplay adaptation of the well-known Stephen King’s book. The italian overdub is a little bit different: “questo è acido muriatico brutto mostro!”. Maybe they had thought that muriatic acid is more dangerous than the batteries one. Anyway, this is just a little tribute I made in my spare time to the Pennywise and Eddie scene, I hope you enjoy it! I used to watch this mini-series several times (first part much better though) when I was younger just because of the Tim Curry’s character. The movie pretty sucks but this evil yet funny clown still fascinates me.

MILA ZAGO – tribute


This is just a little tribute I made for “Regina Nera” the brand new episode of Matteo Strukul‘s saga, presented for the first time here. Matteo is also the mind behind Sugarpulp project. There you can reach the author and see this amazing exhibition by Schio Comics Collective!


Hell Mariachi PomadeWork in progress.. It’s been about 5 or 6 years now that I’m using my own pomade. It’s time for a brand new merchandise. Would you like a pomade like this, fellow greasers?



I made this company symbol a while ago for a friend which is starting his own shop. In this shop you will be able to purchase spare parts for old motorcycles. Only for men with greasy hair and bad boy attitude!


Lucky Brews – Japa


Artwork for Lucky Brews’ Japa beer labels.


Happy 2013


Hi there! This is a present I gave myself for x-mas: a couple of days spent working on a personal artwork, finally. This is the first time after at least 1 year waiting. By the way, I’ve got a lot of custom art to post, so I’ll come back soon!



Some tiki stuff I made through the artistic supervision of Marco Bressan and his Ozlab Funfactory. These signs will be placed in the tiki area you can find at Aqualandia, the number one waterpark in Italy, based in Jesolo Beach. The biggest one is the classic warning advice you can see while going upstairs to the slides. The text will be printed on the surf. The tiki masks are placed on the roof of the fast food. Click on images to enlarge.


An Hell Mariachi pin-set will be soon available on my webstore, and at IPRA expo 2012 as well!


TENUTA SANT’ANTONIO – folder artwork

This is a project commissioned by Studio Cattaneo adv agency for Tenuta Sant’Antonio. As you can see, it’s a completely different graphic style than usual. It’s a vector-based illustration I’ve done in order to show to Tenuta Sant’Antonio’s costumers the process of winemaking. They released the folder featuring this illustration on Vinitaly 2012 expo. The guys at Studio Cattaneo gave me some directions to fit the artwork properly in folder’s lay out and style. They also add some text in the backgroud to explain each step of the process and complete the artwork.



AQUAFOLLIE – background

This is an artwork I’ve done for the waterpark AQUAFOLLIE, based in Caorle, Italy. It’s featured on the background of their new attraction, the BLUTUBE. It’s printed on pvc, 30 meters long. Here you can see a concept rough sketch, the whole background and a detail. Because of the huge print size I had to work it through vector graphics, so it doesn’t loss resolution at all. I also made a birds’ high view map for them, as you can see two posts ago. This artwork was done under the precious artistic supervision of Marco Bressan and his Ozlab Funfactory!

SLAM & HOWIE and the Reserve Men

Hello everybody! This is the brand new shirt design for the well-known speed-country heroes SLAM & HOWIE and the Reserve Men. If you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about, check them out! Dear italian friends, they’ll come in Italy in June so you can see their amazing show (and buy THAT shirt too)! I’m pretty sure that if you’re a white-trash-dirty-greasy-evil punk, this shirt is a must-have. You can also buy some merch through the band’s website.



This is a map I’ve done for the aquapark “Aquafollie”, based in Caorle, Venice. Will be featured in folders, web site and even bigger stuff such like adv posters. So it’s a very hight in resolution and detailed illustration. Here you can see the whole map and a detail. That detail could be printed 1 meter tall. This artwork was done under the artistic supervision of Marco Bressan and his Ozlab Funfactory!


I can finally post the tribute I’ve done for “Dylan Dog in mostra a Caldogno“, a very special expo about Dylan Dog, the well-known italian comic character. As you can see it’s a 100% Hell Mariachi concept between Dylan Dog and the art of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. It’s a Dylan Fink. It’s pretty lowbrow. Weird enough. And I had fun. At the bookshop you can find the official catalogue and 5 postcards, limited edition.

Hell Mariachi Wear

Hi everybody! I’m thinking about posting every single article in english, and I’m starting now. So I apologize with you for mistakes. The image above should be the very first Hell Mariachi Wear t-shirt ever printed. I’m starting with 2 different designs, and this is the first one. As many of you should know, I’ll be hosted by the Italian Poster Rock Art expo 2012 so I’m working on a few merch to sell there. Some posters, shirts and also Hell Mariachi Traditional Hair Pomade. Yes, you read well, hair pomade. Stay tuned!

JOHNNY LODA – godforsaken land

Eccoci qua finalmente. Era da un po’ di tempo che non postavo qualcosa. Mi rifaccio vivo con la cover definitiva per l’ultimo album dei Johnny Loda Trio, in uscita verso marzo per la tedesca Part Records. Qualche post più in giù trovate la bozza relativa al progetto. Per loro ho curato anche tutto il packaging incluso il booklet di 12 pagine. Le grafiche verranno inoltre utilizzate per il nuovo sito.



La Centrale del Latte di Vicenza – educational

Selezione di alcune delle dieci illustrazioni realizzate per la Centrale del latte di Vicenza. Il progetto è un educational sulla filiera del latte che verrà spiegata agli allievi delle primarie in visita alla centrale. Le illustrazioni sono state declinate in vari supporti: una presentazione video e due puzzle. Uno a tesserone, l’altro stampato a pezzi nei pack del latte da 1,5l.


Poster fresco fresco realizzato per i Los Super Bandidos, band dedita ad un r’n’r con attitudine roots blues, a tinte un po’ country ed un po’ mexican. Se li beccate in giro fate un salto, ne vale la pena!


A volte ritornano. Non solo il sottoscritto con i rock-posters, ma anche i Peawees, che sono finalmente in tour grazie all’uscita del nuovo album. Chissà che riesca a rivederli. Intanto pubblico questo poster realizzato per il concerto che terranno sabato 17 dicembre all’E20 Underground di Montecchio Maggiore (VI)!


Stasera non c’avevo voglia di mettermi a fare cose serie. Ogni tanto penso di poter meritare un po’ di tempo per viziare le mie necessità espressive. Così mi son buttato a far na cosina veloce in digital painting. Non sarebbe propriamente finita, ma ci va abbastanza vicino. Il tema in questi casi è scontato! Penso che ora finirò di guardarmi una puntata di MadMen e poi andrò a salutare Morfeo. Buenas noches a todos.

Hell Mariachi

ANCORA BIANCO E NERO?? – no, solo una bozza ;)

Posto questa bozza. Rivelerò il progetto quando sarà possibile farlo, nel frattempo godetevi questo primo esperimento di bozzetto digitale! Tavoletta grafica a go-go. A giudicare dal casino che ho in archivio, al quale ho dato una ripulita, faccio bene. Bozze, clean-up, chine.. Mezza foresta Amazzonica. Non fraintendete, non la vedo come una soluzione definitiva. Mi manca il rapporto con la materia. Ma di questi tempi non me lo posso sempre permettere. I tempi sono sempre più stretti, la qualità dev’essere sempre all’altezza ed i soldi son sempre meno. Fra un po’ posterò anche un piccolo dipinto. Più toccata una tela da quando mi son laureato (ops! diplomato) all’accademia di venezia nell’ormai lontano 2005.