“this is battery acid you slime!”: this is what Eddie said, according to the original version of “IT”, the screenplay adaptation of the well-known Stephen King’s book. The italian overdub is a little bit different: “questo è acido muriatico brutto mostro!”. Maybe they had thought that muriatic acid is more dangerous than the batteries one. Anyway, this is just a little tribute I made in my spare time to the Pennywise and Eddie scene, I hope you enjoy it! I used to watch this mini-series several times (first part much better though) when I was younger just because of the Tim Curry’s character. The movie pretty sucks but this evil yet funny clown still fascinates me.

MILA ZAGO – tribute


This is just a little tribute I made for “Regina Nera” the brand new episode of Matteo Strukul‘s saga, presented for the first time here. Matteo is also the mind behind Sugarpulp project. There you can reach the author and see this amazing exhibition by Schio Comics Collective!