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Hell Mariachi PomadeWork in progress.. It’s been about 5 or 6 years now that I’m using my own pomade. It’s time for a brand new merchandise. Would you like a pomade like this, fellow greasers?



I made this company symbol a while ago for a friend which is starting his own shop. In this shop you will be able to purchase spare parts for old motorcycles. Only for men with greasy hair and bad boy attitude!


Hell Mariachi Wear

Hi everybody! I’m thinking about posting every single article in english, and I’m starting now. So I apologize with you for mistakes. The image above should be the very first Hell Mariachi Wear t-shirt ever printed. I’m starting with 2 different designs, and this is the first one. As many of you should know, I’ll be hosted by the Italian Poster Rock Art expo 2012 so I’m working on a few merch to sell there. Some posters, shirts and also Hell Mariachi Traditional Hair Pomade. Yes, you read well, hair pomade. Stay tuned!